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Here at Singing Lessons Leeds, we are lucky enough to work with two other fantastic vocal coaches called Sam Wilde & Genevieve Begley to ensure that we fulfil the ever-increasing demand for singing lessons in our musical city.

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Sam Wilde

Sam Wilde

Sam has helped to develop many male vocalists of all levels, as well as many female pop & rock vocalists.

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Genevieve Begley

Genevieve Begley

Genevieve is an experienced vocal coach, with a successful songwriting and performing music career.

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Sam Wilde

Sam Wilde is a professional singer-songwriter and performer. He graduated from Leeds College of Music a few years ago as a first study singer in Popular Music.

Sam has been performing, writing and singing from an early age and he is currently playing and singing in 2 different bands, which includes a solo project. Sam is also a professional singing teacher who is based in central Leeds, teaching all levels of vocalists across a wide range of genres.

In the lessons, you will discuss what you are looking to achieve from vocal training and build a suitable plan that helps you to reach your goals. Whether you’d like to focus on increasing your vocal range, working on your breathing and posture, pitch accuracy, or even performing your favourite songs or original material, Sam would love to help you.

Our lessons will help to build your confidence as a performer and find your voice. So, if you’re a total beginner and have no idea where to start or if you’re a professional singer with a specific goal in mind, we’ll develop a program that works best for you.

To book your first lesson, or simply to find out more about singing lessons with Sam, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or by emailing at

Sam's Teaching Info

Sam Wilde

Prices: £20.00 per 1/2 hour | £27.50 per hour

Location: Meanwood | Headingley | Woodhouse

Ages Taught: 7+

Availability: Weekdays Evenings & Weekends


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Genevieve Begley

Genevieve is a professional vocalist and singing teacher based in Arley, Leeds. She graduated from the Leeds College of Music in 2015 where she studied Jazz vocals.

Genevieve's philosophy is that everyone can sing! She believes that singing is both fun and therapeutic for all, whether you're looking to sing in private or perform on stage.

She graduated from Leeds College of Music studying Jazz vocals where she studied under Lauren Kinsella (Snowpoet). As well as performing Jazz, Genevieve also performs her original music and arrange music for her function band.

Genevieve is happy to teach singing to all abilities whether beginner or more experienced. She wants to know what you want to get out of the lessons whether it be: confidence, experience in a particular style, technical help, or exams - this will help to build individually-tailored singing lessons.

For the first lesson, Genevieve would ask the student to bring in a song they want to start with. But don't worry if you can't pick! She has plenty of sheet music you can use instead. You would do a vocal warm-up and Genevieve would assess the areas you want to work on in particular.

Each singer is unique and each lesson is also entirely unique.

Besides teaching private singing lessons, Genevieve regularly performs around Yorkshire at venues including Belgrave, Headrow House and Seven Arts and have performed at the Jazz Leeds Festival in 2018 and 2019 - this experience helps Genevieve to develop performing skills among her students.

To book your first lesson, or simply to find out more about singing lessons with Genevieve, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or by emailing at

Genevieve's Teaching Info

Genevieve Begley

Prices: £30 per hour

Location: Arley Terrace | Mobile Teacher

Ages Taught: 4+


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