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Hello! My name is Jordan Hodson & I am a professional singing teacher based in Leeds teaching students ages 6 and above.

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Jordan Hodson Singing Teacher
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Jordan Hodson
Professional Singing Teacher

Welcome to Singing Lessons Leeds. My name is Jordan and I am a professional vocal coach based in central Leeds, helping students of all ages to develop their vocal ability. I am a qualified teacher, having graduated from Leeds College of Music with a BA Hons Degree in popular music.

I have been teaching since 2014, specialising in Pop singing, leading some students into the Trinity and Rock School singing exams to achieve a distinction every time.

I have experience teaching both one to one lessons and group sessions ranging from ages 4-35, every age is considered.

In my current teaching practice, I use the method of Primal Sounds - (Sigh, Whimper, Whinge and Yell) in order to apply to various musical styles and techniques. I adapt my methods to each student as no one is alike and try to make everything as relevant as possible giving as many examples to relate to. I have been using this method for many years and found it to be very relatable and effective, however, I am extremely interested and invested in learning as much about the voice as she can. I am particularly interested in the workings of Dr Irene Bartlett at the moment.

Alongside my teaching, I am currently a member of numerous bands, performing regularly around the country singing at weddings, parties, and events. I also write and perform my own music varying the performance style and techniques considering which is most relevant for the repertoire.

“My daughter, Lucy, has had singing lessons with Jordan for a number of years. We have always found Jordan to be friendly, reliable, punctual and flexible and Lucy's technique and confidence have both grown considerably.”
– Karen Handley

Due to my experience, knowledge and direct involvement within the music industry, I have learned extensively from various professionals about what is required to develop as a modern-day recording artist, performer and collaborator. I believe this experience gives me an appealing ability to pass relevant specialist knowledge on to the students.

I am able to adapt to a number of musical styles, primarily teaching to build confidence and fulfillment of every student. Sessions consist of warm-ups, technical practice such as scales, breathing and singing techniques, working on a song choice of the student to ensure the best techniques and performance is used.

My lessons are currently charged at £25 per half hour, £30 per three-quarters of hour and £35 per hour.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, just email me at info@singinglessonsleeds.com to find out more about my singing lessons.

Photos by Amelia Reid.

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