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Hello! My name is Lily Moharrer & I am a professional singing teacher based in Leeds teaching students ages 12 and above.

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Lily Moharrer Singing Teacher
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Lily Moharrer
Professional Singing Teacher

Welcome to Singing Lessons Leeds. My name is Lily and I am a vocal coach, choir leader and vocal producer based here in Leeds teaching all levels of singers across a wide range of genres.

Alongside private teaching, I lead choirs and workshops that focus on vocal health and improvisation.

After studying at Leeds College of Music, I have trained all over the world skills that inspire my teaching every day. I have also received vocal training since a very young age and have experienced a number of different teaching methods that I am able to apply to my own teaching. With me, you will learn the skills to perform confidently and professionally to the best of your ability within a comfortable and positive environment.

From the get-go, we will discuss what you want to achieve from your vocal training and build a progressive programme that works best for you. Whether you’d like to focus on scale practice, range building and pitch accuracy or even just to perform some of your favourite songs, together we can design a programme that suits your goals.

Fans of all genres are welcome! Through singing, I can help build your confidence as we work on song interpretation and honing in on the originality in your voice. Additionally, if you are looking for guidance on songwriting or even artistic identity, I would be more than happy to help.

“Lily is a dedicated vocal coach, able to help students of all ages and abilities develop their singing ability and confidence. Her friendly and warm approach to lessons makes them engaging and enjoyable - book your first lesson today to start unlocking your full vocal potential”

I believe anyone can sing but it requires the correct support, practice and passion to create a truly talented vocalist. Singing is something very organic and I feel shouldn’t be clouded in rules and regulations. However, with the practice of constructive development techniques, you will be able to perform to your maximum potential with ease and fluidity.

My lessons are currently charged at £25 per half hour and £30 per hour.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give Lily an email on info@singinglessonsleeds.com or call 0113 534 6440.

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